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What to expect...

We offer Chiropractic care for pregnancy, babies, children, and families!

Your first visit starts with a thorough Health History.  From there they will analyze your spinal ranges of motion, neutral standing posture, and perform scans of your spine using an sEMG to determine altered patterns of tension and interference in your spine and Nervous System.  Due to the importance of being specific, they will not adjust you on your first visit.  They take the time to analyze and review your exam findings first.

When they see you on your second visit to the office we book you a special time to thoroughly go over all of your exam findings with the doctor, and have a report for you containing copies of your scans, posture, home care exercises if needed, and recommended care plan.  This is when you'll get your first adjustment as well!



WHAT TO EXPECT ON YOUR FIRST VISIT WITH YOUR CHILD:  Dr.Kara or Dr.Kaiden will begin by taking a thorough Health History of your child, starting with the mother's prenatal history.  They will then perform checks and tests depending on the age of the infant or child, specifically checking Primitive Reflexes.  If the child is old enough, they will assess posture using the same method as with adults!  From there they will discuss what the next course of care will be, and on the next visit with your child you will receive a report containing a summary of what was found in your child's spine, and subsequent recommendations!

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