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Meet our staff...

Dr. Kara Bonnefoy

family infant child chiropractor

Dr. Kara Bonnefoy is an Indigenous entrepreneur who was raised in the beautiful Fraser Valley in Chilliwack, B.C.. Her journey towards becoming a Chiropractor began as a teenager, inspired by a particular uncle whose love for Chiropractic and natural healing left a lasting impression. Since that time, Dr. Kara graduated from Life Chiropractic College West in 2005 in Hayward, California, joining the over 40 relatives before her who have committed their lives to helping others through family wellness Chiropractic care.

Dr.Kara is determined to help those in her own community of  Chilliwack.  She finds it completely rewarding watching her clients' lives transform due to the restoration of proper Nervous System function to themselves and their children.  By teaching the benefits of maintaining a healthy spine and Nervous System, not merely the absence of pain and symptoms, Dr.Kara encourages all ages to be a part of the ‘Chiropractic Lifestyle’.  She promotes the Chiropractic Lifestyle by encouraging healthy living that includes good nutrition, exercise, and a properly functioning Nervous System!

Dr.Kara strives to make a difference in all of the lives she touches, starting with even the newest members of the families she sees!  After completing over 200 hours of additional training with regards to Chiropractic care in pregnancy and infancy through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association, Dr.Kara is excited to be settled in Chilliwack since 2010 with her own office, ‘Serenity Chiropractic’.  She is certified in the Webster Technique as well, which incorporates specific analysis and adjustment of the pelvis in the pregnant (and non-pregnant weightbearing) patient, improving the neuro-biomechanical function.

Her belief is that a body free of nerve interference will be able to adapt accordingly to it’s environment, and will grow and develop optimally. It is essential to respect the body for the complex system that it is, and by having your entire family checked for nerve interference on a regular basis, you are giving them the gift of health that will last a lifetime!

Dr. Kaiden Maxwell


Dr. Kaiden brings his passion for wellness into his practice of serving people everyday and motivating them on to a healthier path using a spine centered approach. Taking into consideration all aspects of a person’s lifestyle, he carefully and compassionately inspires patients towards better health using holistic chiropractic techniques, powerful educational tools, and empowering knowledge about natural healing.

Away from Chiropractic, Dr. Kaiden’s other passions are sports and music -  playing hockey and tennis, as well as drums and percussion.

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