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Proud recipient of the 'Professional Services' Award from the Chilliwack Chamber of Commerce for 2017!


About Brianna, CA

Brianna first worked for Serenity Chiropractic in 2013 after experiencing great benefit from Chiropractic care herself.  Initially a patient, she jumped at the opportunity to work for Dr. Kara when the position of CA, (Chiropractic Assistant), came available.  After a personal leave of absence, she has returned in 2017 and is so excited to be back home.  She has been happily married for 10 years and has a son.  Her family comes in to get adjusted regularly and tells everyone they know about Dr. Kara!

"I initially came to the Chiropractic world as a skeptic. I had chronic headaches and finally got to the point of no return. Thankfully Dr. Kara was only a couple doors down from my work and 5 minutes after my first adjustment I felt some relief. After a few months of treatment with no major headaches I jumped at the chance to work for Dr. Kara when an opening came up!

Once I started working for Dr. Kara I started telling her about my sleep disorders. There had been no diagnosis, however I had gone through multiple sleep studies at UBC and ARH. I am technically 30 seconds away from Narcolepsy. I have experience Sleep Deprivation Hallucinations, Sleep Paralysis and no REM sleep for a number of years. Upon hearing this Dr. Kara suggested that we increase my adjustments. After only a few short months of consistent treatment, I got the all clear from the specialists. They called it a ‘miraculous recovery’, I told them it was Chiropractic Care! I am now able to drive, stay awake during TV shows or reading a book, I have more energy to actually play with my son and go to the gym multiple times a week."